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Sun Digital Marketing: Casting a Bright Spotlight on Immigration Advocacy in the United States

Jon Pacific
Jon PacificCreative
• BS, Operations Technology
• Marketing: 22 years
• Web Development: 12 years
• Google Ads Certified

Jon Pacific, co-founder at Sun Digital Marketing, weaves personal immigration narratives into his digital marketing expertise. With his grandfather’s roots tracing back to Italy and in-laws from Guatemala, Jon understands the immigrant journey intimately. His 15 years in digital marketing, bolstered by three Google Ads certifications, reflect his dedication to helping immigration attorneys navigate the complexities of PPC, SEO, and web development. At Sun Digital Marketing, Jon’s unique perspective and seasoned skills drive strategies that forge genuine connections between attorneys and their clients.

Trevor Clendenin
Trevor ClendeninTechnology
• Master, Visual Media
• Marketing: 23 years
• Web Development: 22 years
• Google Certified

Trevor Clendenin, co-founder of Sun Digital Marketing, brings a unique blend of global experience and digital expertise to his work. With roots in a family of immigrants, an Eagle Scout’s perspective, and time spent as a Peace Corps volunteer in Jamaica, Trevor has a deep understanding of diverse cultures and community service. His academic pursuits in Madrid and pioneering new media work at PBS in the U.S.V.I. further honed his skills, culminating in his leadership here where he specializes in helping immigration attorneys connect meaningfully with their clients through tailored digital strategies.

Championing Your Immigration Practice with Proven Expertise

Innovating custom solutions for immigration law practices, our approach begins with understanding your unique challenges to deliver unparalleled customer service that exceeds expectations and fosters growth.

Leverage our specialized online consultations to enhance your firm’s digital presence. We provide strategic advice, from website optimization to content marketing, ensuring you engage and convert your target clientele.

Elevate your firm’s business development with our sales management expertise. We implement robust strategies that increase lead acquisition, nurture client relationships, and drive sustainable revenue streams.
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We boost our clients to get more sales

We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Growth Potential.

Discover how our targeted approach can transform your immigration law practice.

Enhancing Your Immigration Firm’s Success with Proven Strategic Marketing Solutions.

Jon Pacific and Trevor Clendenin

We’re A True Partner

At Sun Digital Marketing, we stand as more than just a service provider for immigration attorneys; we’re a true partner dedicated to your success. Understanding the unique challenges you face, we craft strategies that resonate with the intricacies of immigration law, ensuring that your firm’s values and expertise shine through in every campaign. We’re committed to a collaborative relationship where your goals become our mission, offering guidance, support, and transparency at every step. Our partnership means growing together, learning from each success, and navigating each challenge as a united front.

Your Exclusive Digital Ally

In the competitive landscape of immigration law, Sun Digital Marketing offers an unparalleled promise of exclusivity. We commit to a single partner in each city or region—once we team up with your firm, we close our doors to your local competitors. This singular focus allows us to channel all our innovative strategies and resources into elevating your firm’s online presence. By becoming your dedicated digital ally, we ensure that every nuanced marketing move is made to fortify your standing in the community, guarding your interests with the same passion as you advocate for your clients.